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Types Of Decorative Fabrics You Can Use

Angelita Orona/ April 20, 2015/ Interior Decoration Ideas/ 0 comments

The fabric is an unavoidable material in most of the themes that are used for home decoration, and here are a few fabrics that will be used for the decoration purpose. If the proper fabric that will suit the theme is not used in the room, then it will spoil the entire look of the room. Silk is a material that is expensive but will give a very good look to the room. But there are many imitation silks available in the markets if a person is not able to afford the expensive material. A disadvantage of this material is that it will be very heavy when compared to other materials.

Next is velvet. Though it is a tricky material, when used at the appropriate places it will give a very good look to the place. This will be providing a Victorian look to the place. It is a material, but it has to be maintained properly as it will fade easily, and this will be due to the sunlight. It will be very difficult to remove the stains from this material. Cotton is another fabric that will be used for the decoration purpose, and this can be used for decorative purposes. It will be easy to maintain and cleaning work will also be done quickly.…