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Basement Remodels That Help Enhance Your Home & Living Space

Angelita Orona/ September 2, 2015/ House Remodels/ 1 comments

A basement is often not prioritised during a remodel as people not use it often and hence consider that a draining expense. Logically, a basement can be remodelled for enhancing the living space if you do it right. Here are some top tips that will aid with a basement remodel to help expand your living area.

Recreational Room or Family Room
Is this possible? Very much so. Basements are one of the most casual spaces in a house, hence it can be used for social activities. Using it as a recreational room is a good idea. You can fix your TV or pool table or convert it into a mini theatre. It is imperative that it is decorated with comfortable furnishings like any other room upstairs. You can add some add-ons such as internet connections and sound systems to make it more functional.

Additional Bedroom
Converting the basement into an additional bedroom and adding a bath to it can make it entirely functional. It can serve as a guest room or a teen’s room. If your basement is more than 125 feet, you can comfortably fit in a double bed. If you intend to use it for twin beds, then ensure that it’s at least 150 feet.

Bar or Laundry
A basement can be converted into a bar or a laundry. If you are keen on entertaining guests frequently then having a proper bar in the basement can be a good idea. If you are struggling for space or live with your extended family, then converting your basement into a laundry room is worth it. However, a laundry requires a floor drain and access to an outside wall for venting the dryer.

If you have kids or yourself are a book fanatic, then converting the basement into a study is an excellent option. If this is the case, you can design its interiors with racks to stack books. If it’s a study room for kids, you can design tables and chairs that go with the theme. Remember, the basement looks gloomy throughout, hence, its pertinent that you have a good lighting plan in place to wipe it away. Accent lighting to provide overall illumination is needed. You can even use table lamps and floor lamps to ensure that there are no shadows in the study.

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Remodelling Your House Into A Green Home

Angelita Orona/ August 19, 2015/ House Remodels/ 1 comments

The trend of remodelling of homes and businesses has increased to a great extent. While it involves a huge sum of money to remodel the usual buildings, green building remodelling does not require too much money as the process involves the use of recycled products and energy efficient components. With the help of green construction options, you can restore a great portion of the ecosystem. This practice will also help you form a better indoor environment for you as well as your family. It is simple to proceed with the green remodelling process, but many people who like to do the same have no clue on what it involves.

Green remodelling is a process that helps you redefine your lifestyle. However, it is tough to decide how green your home should be. Talking of green remodelling, you need not do everything green, but doing anything that is green will help significantly. You will have to choose to retain the green building products that serve your interests before you begin the remodelling process. If you have to buy new materials, you will have choose low-impact, organic and healthy products such as natural plasters, natural fibre carpeting, bamboo flooring, stains, low VOC paints, natural furnishings and non-synthetic accessories including cleaning products, bedding and linen.

Apart from these, you can make use of high levels of recycled, salvaged and agricultural products. Such products will reduce the resource demand and help in keeping the waste out of the landfills. You will have to choose products that are of low maintenance and high durability. Try using products that are regionally or locally produced, and hence they need fewer or lesser resources in the process of production and cost efficient during transportation.

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Make It Look Like An Expensive Remodel Without Spending Much

Angelita Orona/ July 29, 2015/ House Remodels/ 1 comments

Not many realise that it is not necessary to empty their pockets while renovating a home. It is very much possible to have the cake and eat it too. An expensive looking remodel without being expensive – now, how good is that?! This is exactly what we are going to discuss in this blog. Here we go…

Swap the Old Light Fixture for a New One
If you are used to having the same old light fixture overhead the dining table, swap it for a new one, you would be amazed at how much it impacts the ambience of the space.

Move on to the Classics
You would be baffled at how much neutrals can add to the high-end feel. Awash your living area with neutrals and relish in the clutter-free, calm eloquence it brings. You can add style and glamour to rooms through neutral hues for upholstery, fixtures and floors. Accessorise in bold colours in these rooms and you will be awed how much the hotter hues stand out amongst the neutral ones, adding style to your living space.

The Tile Transformations
If you are expecting a good bang for your bucks, then add these beautiful timeless transformation techniques to your wish list while remodelling. Ideal for the kitchen and bath area, tiles offer a stunning look while not impacting your pocket much.

Improvise on Interior Doors
Don’t add those boring solid doors to your house interiors. There are plenty of space saving pocket doors that are beautiful and cost effective. They serve dual purpose – for creating a separation within open floor plans and elevating the style of your room. These are ideal for the living area.

Add Dimension through Moulding
You can give a panelled look to plain walls by adding narrow moulded stripes. This is popularly known as ‘picture framing’ and is used for drawing attention to certain areas of the room. It is important however to keep the edges aligned and the spacing even to ensure that it stays symmetrical.

Add Ceiling Medallions
Adding a little architectural details make any interior look expensive. One of the best ways to portray an expensive remodel is to turn the ceiling into a focal point by embellishing the area around a light fixture by using a polyurethane ceiling medallion. If you are keen in making it look even more luxurious, you can choose one of the decorative medallions available and colour it to match with your hue.

Coordinate Hardware & Accessories
This is a neat trick and many miss out discounting it as unnecessary expenditure. You can coordinate the hardware and accessories especially in the kitchen and bathrooms to suit the remodel. This will offer a luxurious and well polished look to your living space.

Add Tonal Contrasts
Do not opt for matching colours; instead, choose contrasting ones to add that additional style. Tonal contrasts offer an interesting and attractive look to the living area. Mix up shades of white, espresso and taupe to add a touché of luxury and class.

Walkway Upgrades Work Wonders
If you are looking for that simple but effective change in your landscape, don’t look beyond your walkway. Ensure that the upgrade complements your exterior theme of the remodel.

Your Entrance as the Focal Point
It may not be needed for you to spend heavily on a complete exterior makeover. A simple change to your entrance will have a wonderful impact on your home’s curb appeal. Using a dark shade to your doorway will make it pop amongst the lighter shaded porch. Adding symmetrical plantings on either side of the walkway will add to the charm.

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