Make It Look Like An Expensive Remodel Without Spending Much

Angelita Orona/ July 29, 2015/ House Remodels/ 1 comments

Not many realise that it is not necessary to empty their pockets while renovating a home. It is very much possible to have the cake and eat it too. An expensive looking remodel without being expensive – now, how good is that?! This is exactly what we are going to discuss in this blog. Here we go…

Swap the Old Light Fixture for a New One
If you are used to having the same old light fixture overhead the dining table, swap it for a new one, you would be amazed at how much it impacts the ambience of the space.

Move on to the Classics
You would be baffled at how much neutrals can add to the high-end feel. Awash your living area with neutrals and relish in the clutter-free, calm eloquence it brings. You can add style and glamour to rooms through neutral hues for upholstery, fixtures and floors. Accessorise in bold colours in these rooms and you will be awed how much the hotter hues stand out amongst the neutral ones, adding style to your living space.

The Tile Transformations
If you are expecting a good bang for your bucks, then add these beautiful timeless transformation techniques to your wish list while remodelling. Ideal for the kitchen and bath area, tiles offer a stunning look while not impacting your pocket much.

Improvise on Interior Doors
Don’t add those boring solid doors to your house interiors. There are plenty of space saving pocket doors that are beautiful and cost effective. They serve dual purpose – for creating a separation within open floor plans and elevating the style of your room. These are ideal for the living area.

Add Dimension through Moulding
You can give a panelled look to plain walls by adding narrow moulded stripes. This is popularly known as ‘picture framing’ and is used for drawing attention to certain areas of the room. It is important however to keep the edges aligned and the spacing even to ensure that it stays symmetrical.

Add Ceiling Medallions
Adding a little architectural details make any interior look expensive. One of the best ways to portray an expensive remodel is to turn the ceiling into a focal point by embellishing the area around a light fixture by using a polyurethane ceiling medallion. If you are keen in making it look even more luxurious, you can choose one of the decorative medallions available and colour it to match with your hue.

Coordinate Hardware & Accessories
This is a neat trick and many miss out discounting it as unnecessary expenditure. You can coordinate the hardware and accessories especially in the kitchen and bathrooms to suit the remodel. This will offer a luxurious and well polished look to your living space.

Add Tonal Contrasts
Do not opt for matching colours; instead, choose contrasting ones to add that additional style. Tonal contrasts offer an interesting and attractive look to the living area. Mix up shades of white, espresso and taupe to add a touché of luxury and class.

Walkway Upgrades Work Wonders
If you are looking for that simple but effective change in your landscape, don’t look beyond your walkway. Ensure that the upgrade complements your exterior theme of the remodel.

Your Entrance as the Focal Point
It may not be needed for you to spend heavily on a complete exterior makeover. A simple change to your entrance will have a wonderful impact on your home’s curb appeal. Using a dark shade to your doorway will make it pop amongst the lighter shaded porch. Adding symmetrical plantings on either side of the walkway will add to the charm.

Read More Furniture Polishing While Remodelling

Furniture Polishing While Remodelling

Angelita Orona/ June 17, 2015/ House Remodels/ 1 comments

Furniture polishing is a very easy and simple procedure that will restore the magnificence of the woodwork in your house. It is common for furniture pieces to lose their natural lustre over time. The same way, the paint on the furniture will also peel off making them look old and worn out. To restore the beauty of the furniture pieces, you can consider painting and polishing them. This process will definitely bring back the lost glory of the woodwork in your home and make them shine like new pieces of furniture. Even a simple polishing will give a complete makeover to your furniture.

If you are looking for polishing services for the furniture in your home, then you can seek the help of polishing services that are quite affordable. In fact, polishing the woodwork is a better option as compared to replacing them completely. Before you choose a service provider who does furniture polishing to revive the looks of the chipped and scratched home furniture, you will have to read through this blog. Well, here are some tips that will help you in choosing the best service provider as a wrong service will make your furniture pieces completely unusable, and you will be forced to replace them. Also, the service provider might charge you a lot if you do not have an idea of the service.

Keep in mind that you choose the best service provider in your locality by researching about the furniture polishing firms. The firm’s experience is very important, and it will determine if the service provider knows about the techniques involved in the process and the tools used in the same. If the firm is in the business for several years, they will provide you what kind of polishing can be done on your furniture. Also, you should consider the firm’s reputation by taking a glance at their clientele and feedback that is given to their services.…

Building Your Kid’s Drawing Table

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A drafting table is appreciated by children of all ages as a result of it provides them an area to specify and enhance their skills. Children like to draw and use colouring pens to feature life to drawings and photos.

Measure and Cut the Legs of the drafting table
Determine the correct measurements for the legs of the drafting table. You will use the activity tape or the carpenter’s activity tool once doing this.

Place the laminate on a table and place the legs on all four corners of the board. Mark the places wherever the legs would be hooked up employing a pencil. The legs ought to be placed a minimum of one to two inches from the sting of the table. This may guarantee stability. Apply wood glue on the sting of the legs before pound in situ.

Sand the Surface
Use coarse sandpaper to finish the complete surface of the drafting table. It is imperative that every surface are swish and free from rough edges to safeguard your kid from nicks and cuts. A swish surface will offer the bottom to use varnish or paint.

Apply the required end
Use a paint brush to use varnish or paint on the drafting table. Apply a minimum of two to three coats of varnish to safeguard all the surfaces of the starting stage. Let the end dry for three to four hours.

Making a drawing table is not that tough. You just need to practise a little bit of carpentry, and you are done. Painting the table can involve your kids too. It is fun to finish the table. Making it might involve few small risks so don not involve your children in it. Make sure you remove all wall splinters properly, or it might hurt somebody. When you are done, surprise your child by gifting them the table.…