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Basement Remodels That Help Enhance Your Home & Living Space

Angelita Orona/ September 2, 2015/ House Remodels/ 1 comments

A basement is often not prioritised during a remodel as people not use it often and hence consider that a draining expense. Logically, a basement can be remodelled for enhancing the living space if you do it right. Here are some top tips that will aid with a basement remodel to help expand your living area.

Recreational Room or Family Room
Is this possible? Very much so. Basements are one of the most casual spaces in a house, hence it can be used for social activities. Using it as a recreational room is a good idea. You can fix your TV or pool table or convert it into a mini theatre. It is imperative that it is decorated with comfortable furnishings like any other room upstairs. You can add some add-ons such as internet connections and sound systems to make it more functional.

Additional Bedroom
Converting the basement into an additional bedroom and adding a bath to it can make it entirely functional. It can serve as a guest room or a teen’s room. If your basement is more than 125 feet, you can comfortably fit in a double bed. If you intend to use it for twin beds, then ensure that it’s at least 150 feet.

Bar or Laundry
A basement can be converted into a bar or a laundry. If you are keen on entertaining guests frequently then having a proper bar in the basement can be a good idea. If you are struggling for space or live with your extended family, then converting your basement into a laundry room is worth it. However, a laundry requires a floor drain and access to an outside wall for venting the dryer.

If you have kids or yourself are a book fanatic, then converting the basement into a study is an excellent option. If this is the case, you can design its interiors with racks to stack books. If it’s a study room for kids, you can design tables and chairs that go with the theme. Remember, the basement looks gloomy throughout, hence, its pertinent that you have a good lighting plan in place to wipe it away. Accent lighting to provide overall illumination is needed. You can even use table lamps and floor lamps to ensure that there are no shadows in the study.

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